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Our Company

We manage our company for the long term and with an exclusive strategic focus on wealth management and asset management.

Our strategy is built on three principles: delivering a best-in-class experience to our clients, being the most respected firm in our sector and pursuing sustainable, profitable growth.

We help our clients to achieve their financial aspirations through holistic solutions that take into account what truly matters to them – in their business and personal life, today and for future generations.


We stand for solid foundations, pure wealth management and asset management, personal connections, and an international network.

Our Investment Expertise

RivaBay’s activities are centered on the deep understanding of your needs in respect to wealth accumulation, wealth preservation and wealth transfer to next generations.

Based on your unique situation, we deploy a holistic advisory approach to systematically derive the appropriate financial solutions encompassing wealth planning, investing and financing.

The result is a service experience that holistically matches your individual preferences – taking into account your financial, business and personal goals. To achieve this, we draw from a wealth of dedicated resources provided by our specialized units.

Our Investment Expertise
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