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In RivaBay, we focus on our corporate ideals to share the same high standards as other companies that provide financial services. One of the vital elements to success in the industry is to gain confidence, respect, and trust from each and every one of our stakeholders including customers, investors, and our fellow employees.

Aside from asset management, wealth management, and private equity, RIVABAY also funds newly emerged startups that we believe have potential in the 22nd century to help them grow. We invest in new companies in the technology sector including but not limited to companies leading the Metaverse technology, hoping our 31 years of global business experience would create synergies for economic development.

Along with the evolution of our company, promoting a favorable and lasting impression of RivaBay to anyone that we have interaction with is the top priority. Keeping this goal in mind, our company has a set of fundamental principles that our officers are required to adhere.


We believe that only outstanding service standards, professional financial advice, and continuous development of our management profile can truly bring the desired results and our goal of customer satisfaction. Ultimately, by leading Riva Bay to meet the future goals of our plan, we hope to move ever closer toward our vision of becoming the leading financial services provider across the globe.




Louis M. T. Leung
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

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